A ‘Star Wars’ Photo Op Awaits In The Produce Aisle


With the new Star Wars movie set to open, Disney has been busy applying branding to virtually everything in an effort to separate you from your money.

One of the most recent releases is a Star Wars line of produce that the public has received with a series of snarky social media posts ranging from a simple play on words to a suggestion that Disney “calm the f*ck down”. However, Disney will do no such thing. From a press release:

“Supporting parents by offering healthy, nutritious options for their kids is of utmost importance to The Walt Disney Company and adding family-favorite Star Wars to our licensed fruit and veggies portfolio is a natural extension of our commitment in this space,” said John T. King, vice president of licensing and consumables, Disney Consumer Products, in the release.

If the posts below are any indication, it’s pretty clear that consumers aren’t buying their “commitment to building healthier generations”. Either way, the mere fact that people are posting pictures of friggin’ oranges means Disney has won.

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