Lambeau Field Is Serving A Giant Kielbasa That Looks Like A Toilet Seat

Giant sausage

Green Bay Packers fans: it’s time to get even more excited about the upcoming football season. The chefs at Lambeau Field have a new treat for you, and it looks like a meaty toilet seat. That’s kinda gross, I have to admit, but it’s actually called “The Horse Collar” and it features a 22-inch kielbasa covered with beer cheese and fried sauerkraut on a bun. It will be priced at $20 and is meant to be shared among friends. I’d try a bite.

The stadium is also adding a doughnut ice cream sandwich and “Bratchos” to the menu. The latter is a bowl of brats, cheese, and fried chips. Oh. Boy.

See the doughnut sandwich and Bratchos after the break.


donut ice cream sandwihc

(Yahoo Sports via Boing Boing, photos by Bill Michaels and Darren Rovell)


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