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iPhone Users Like Chicken, Android Users Like Pork

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A recent survey conducted by through their popular Grocery IQ app has uncovered some amusing statistics about the shopping habits of iPhone users vs Android users.

Based on coupon usage, the survey discovered that iPhone users are “feminine-smelling, chicken-eating, entertainment-reading fish owners” while Android users are “manly-scented, pork-eating, news-reading, bird lovers.”

So do you fit the stereotype? I’m an iPhone owner that wears either Aqua Di Gio or L’Homme, I eat a fairly balanced proportion of chicken, beef and pork and I read a crapload of news and entertainment articles. I like dogs and cats but I could care less about fish and birds. So, I guess I fall somewhere in between. Maybe Windows Phone 7 will be my true smartphone soul mate.

(BuisnessWire via Fast Company via Gizmodo)


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