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Lab-Grown Meat Is One Step Closer To Reality

Believe it or not, what you’re looking at in the above photo are petri dishes containing thin strips of 100% lab-grown muscle tissue, synthesized from animal stem cells harvested from slaughterhouses. This lab grown meat contains no blood and no fat, and is “exercised” by being stretched between several tabs of Velcro. Combine about 3,000 of these strips with some synthesized fat, and you’re on your way to a lab grown burger.

Researchers believe it will be possible to create one of these burgers within the year, and that once this is accomplished, they can begin tweaking the meat to look and taste the way we want it to.

The benefits of switching over to this meat are apparently huge. The Vancouver Sun calculates that if we were to transition completely to lab-grown meat, we would use up to 60% less energy, emit up to 95% fewer greenhouse gasses, and use 98% less land. However, that’s probably a LONG way off, as the first lab-grown burger will cost roughly $345,000.

(Vancouver Sun via DVICE)


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