Pepperoni-Crust Pizza Is The Way Of The Future


Nick over at Dude Foods is burdened with an overabundance of pepperoni, and while looking for a way to effectively dispose of said cured meat, he came up with a recipe for a pepperoni-crust pizza.

Inspired by a previous experiment that involved creating pepperoni “chips” (done by baking pepperoni at 425 degrees), Nick made a circular layer of pepperoni and baked it for roughly eight minutes. The pepperoni ends up sticking together, thus creating the perfect meaty platform for all the cheese, veggies and meat that your pizza-fueled hear desires.

He does give a quick warning though: This recipe is still in the works, and the actual pizza is a bit flimsy. So be careful with how much toppings you pile on.

(via Dudefoods)


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