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A Jupiter Cake Complete With Great Red Spot


Cake Crumbs has an interplanetary theme going with her latest cake. We’ve already seen an Earth cake with the layers of the Earth’s crust built in, and now she’s moved on to Jupiter. She made the center blue this time, in line with what we think we’d see in the core of the planet.

Our knowledge is mostly theoretical of course, but the gas giants are thought to have a core comprised mostly of rock and ice. This is surrounded by a layer liquid metallic hydrogen, and the outer layer is composed of molecular hydrogen.

She also did a beautiful job recreating all the whirls and swirls on the planet’s surface, paying particularly close attention to the Great Red Spot to get it just right.

I detailed the atmosphere of Jupiter by covering the cake with ivory marshmallow fondant, then dry brushing a combination of ivory, brown and maroon edible ink. The top ended up being a bit more saturated as I was largely experimenting with colours at that point and was throwing in a bit of yellow. I ended up sticking mostly with ivory and adding extra detail with the brown. Once all the base colours were down I started removing colour to create the storms or other distinguishing features and topping it off with highlights. The whole process took about 8 hours with teeny tiny brushes.

I wonder which cake planet we’ll get to eat next?

See more pictures after the break…

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 4.39.48 PM



(CakeCrumbs via BoingBoing)


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