An Amazing Wizard Of Oz Pop-Up Book Cake

oz pop up cake 1

The Garden State Cake Show’s theme last year was books through cakes. Basically, they challenged participants to depict their favorite books in cake form. Prima Cakes Plus chose The Wizard of Oz and made it a pop-up cake. The finished product is marvelous and wonderfully detailed. Here’s what the baker had to say about creating the panels:

Each panel was hand cut from fondant mixed with tylose powder. Then I airbrushed a base color layer on both sides of each panel. Details of the figures, trees and windows was then added to both sides with food color gel. After everything was dry I went back and added in the black outlines that are common in storybooks.

I’m amazed.

See all the details in pictures after the break.

oz pop up cake 2

oz pop up cake 3

oz pop up cake 4

oz pop up cake 5

oz pop up cake 6

(via BTPB)


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