Benedict Cumberbatch, This Is Your Life In Cupcakes

cumberbatch cupcakes

Benedict Cumberbatch keeps busy. When he’s not solving crimes as Sherlock or hoarding gold as Smaug, he picks up a ton of other roles. There was that part in the Star Trek franchise, and he was cast in the period drama Parade’s End. I could keep going, but you can just look at these cupcakes for an overview. They were made by super fan and baker Delightfully to represent Cumberbatch’s many roles, and they are charming. Insert comment here about Cumberbatch looking good enough to eat. Repeatedly.

You know you want to see more pics after the break.

cumberbatch cupcakes 2

cumberbatch cupcakes 3

cumberbatch cupcakes 4

(via Buzzfeed)


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