In South Korea, You Can Buy One Piece’s Devil Fruit-Themed Cakes


In the anime series One Piece, Devil Fruits are strange fruits that, when consumed, can grant the eater unique powers and abilities. While a real-world version of a Devil Fruit doesn’t exist (bummer, huh?), cakes that are shaped like Devil Fruits were available recently in South Korea for 50,000 Korean Won, or about $41.

The cakes went on sale last year for a limited run, and they were apparently gobbled up pretty quickly. One Piece fans could purchase two kinds of cakes: A Gomu Gomu no Mi-themed cake which, in the series, allowed eaters to become all bendy like rubber; as well as a Mera Mera no Mi-themed cake, which granted the ability to control fire.

Some additional pics of the cakes are available below, and man oh man, do they look tasty!

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