Japanese Bakery Corners The Market On Disney Butt Cakes


Beginning today, the Ginza Cozy Corner pastry chain will offer bite-sized cakes based on Disney character butts.

Oh, Japan!

Included in the collection are Chip as a strawberry-chocolate tart; Dale, as a banana-chocolate tart; Olaf, as a yogurt-flavored roll; Pluto, as a banana-flavored white chocolate tart; Mickey Mouse as a framboise jelly and white chocolate tart, Minnie Mouse as a white chocolate tart with framboise jam, Winnie the Pooh as a honey tart, Alien, as a mint-flavored white chocolate tart, and Tigger, as a pumpkin tart with caramel-chocolate ganache.

The offerings are available through February 14 at a cost of 2,268 yen (or about $19). However, they can only be found at Cozy Corner locations that sell fresh sweets.

Check out an additional image below.


(via RN 24)


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