Five Legend of Zelda Inspired Desserts

Nerdache Zelda Cookies

The Legend of Zelda games are beloved by tons of people. Beyond tons. It’s a popular franchise, and it just seems to gain new followers and fans as the years move forward. I see a lot of Zelda themed birthday cakes and the like around the internet – there are plenty to drool over. These five especially make me happy.

The above, highly-detailed cookies are by the talented Nerdache Cakes. The tiny Link is my favorite.

Check out four more treats after the break.

I never considered the possibility of an animated cake until I saw this Skyward Sword cake by Will Turnbow and his wife. Yeah, all other cakes have to live up to this now.

Zelda cupcakes

Look closely and you’ll see these cupcakes make Link and Zelda in 8-bit. These were featured at Stephanie’s wedding, and they’re a great example of how simply decorated cupcakes can make a big impression.


You just don’t see enough of Majora’s Mask and as this cake from Cake Crumbs illustrates, we should because it looks gorgeous. I love all the colors and little touches.

Link cookies

These pixel Link cookies are by Cookie Crave and yes, they are amazing.


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