Five Time Traveling TARDIS Desserts

TARDIS cookies

The TARDIS isn’t just for time travel anymore, it’s for eating. I like to think the Doctor would like the world turning his beloved ship into sugary snacks. It takes form as cake, cookies, and gingerbread houses and each baker adds his or her own spin to the familiar vessel. I’d happily devour all of these treats!

I adore the TARDIS cookies pictured above. They were submitted to Doctor Who Crafts by Cydienne.

Check out four more delights after the break.

TARDIS lollipop

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can print your very own TARDIS mold and make lollipops!

Gingerbread TARDIS

You could probably devour this adorable gingerbread TARDIS by A Table for Two in just a few bites!

TARDIS in cupcake

I’ve seen plenty of TARDISes sitting on top of cupcakes but never one in a cupcake. This incredibly creative design is by Cupcakeables.


This TARDIS cake looks like it’s in the middle of travel and thusly is extra awesome. It’s by Mamma Jamma Cakes.


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