Five Star Wars Treats You Can Make With The Force [Featured]

wampa arm cake

Food isn’t a topic commonly discussed in Star Wars – certainly nowhere near the amount it’s detailed in say, A Song of Ice and Fire. Still, fans come up with recipes for beverages like Blue Milk and make creative cakes and savory entrees. Here are some you can replicate in your kitchen!

The gross yet cool (ha!) severed wampa arm cake pictured above is by justJENN recipes. She provides a complete tutorial on how to assemble the limb at her site.

Check out four more tasty treats after the break.

TaunTaun guts

Eat tauntaun guts for dinner! By Clutzy Geek.

Sarlacc Pit Bundt Cake

Sick of Boba Fett? Make a Sarlacc pit bundt cake and throw him in to suffer his fate. How-to by Jen Landa on the Official Blog.

My beautiful picture

Wash down bantha steaks with some boozy blue milk. By Castles and Cooks.

R2-D2 Cake

If you’re feeling ambitious after all that, go ahead and tackle this R2-D2 cake. Stacked Cakes has step by step instructions.


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