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There’s Nothing More Romantic Than A Human Heart Cake [Video]


And now for a Valentine’s Day dessert option that looks good enough to… well, not eat.

Canadian bakesmith Yolanda Gampp has made this stunningly realistic cake that looks quite a lot like a proper human heart.

The cake is assembled from two Deep Red Velvet Cakes, and is filled with burgundy chocolate ganache. Veins of red and blue fondant lie beneath a layer of pink fondant to give it that veiny look, and then the whole thing is doused in blood. Sorry, not blood. Red food coloring mixed with raspberry jam.

At least, that’s what Gampp says. I’m not convinced it isn’t actually blood. Delicious, sugary blood.

A more detailed look at the cake is available in the image below, along with Gampp’s video showing how it was made. Y’know, if you feel like it. Personally, I’m going to go wash my hands for seven hours.


The complete recipe is available on How To Cake It.

(via Geyser of Awesome)


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