Japanese Hotel Makes Edible Kitty Paws And Yes, They Are Cute


Leave it to the Japanese to make something that’s both insanely cute and delicious: In honor of the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka’s 50th anniversary, the hotel’s bakery whipped up a batch of cat paw sandwich pastries, called Kuro Neko No Te (or Black Cat Paw).

The adorable cakes are shaped like paws (as you can tell) and they’re basically chocolate-infused dacquoise cakes with a hefty helping of chocolate-rice cream sandwiched between them (read: epically amazing, buy your plane tickets now). Each paw pad is make out of chocolate too, and the paws are offered in milk chocolate and white chocolate flavors.

Kuro Neko No Te are on sale for the Valentine’s Day and White Day seasons at Blue Jean, a cafe/bakery found on the first floor basement of the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka where they sell for 230 yen (US$2.25) each.

(via Rocket News)


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