Learn How To Make Your Own League Of Legends Cupcake Poro


League of Legends fans will definitely appreciate these Poro cupcakes, but for the uninitiated, Poros are these small, walking fur-balls that live in the game’s “Howling Abyss.” They also have enormous tongues because… Abyss? Not sure. Anyway, if you’d like to try your hand on making a batch of these cupcakes, you’ll need these items to get started:

  • Your favorite cupcake batter
  • Brown Reese’s Pieces or Brown M&Ms (for the eyes)
  • Pink Starbursts (for the tongue)
  • White frosting
  • Whole cashews
  • Shredded coconuts

Then head on over to snackordie on Instructables for an easy-to-follow recipe.


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