This BB-8 Cake Is Life-Sized!

Kylo edit

Sam Anderson of Cakes Cove in Toronto never fails to amaze me, but her newest creation is probably my favorite to date.

To celebrate Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Sam baked up her own BB-8 cake. His head is chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and his body is chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache.

We’ve seen several BB-8 cakes at this point (and even showed you how to make one), but this version is life-sized!

It looks like Kylo Ren and the First Order got their droid this time, but the best thing about this BB-8 is that Sam can make another one.

Check out more pictures below.



BB8 cut


Kylo Ren




Plus, just for fun:

Thank you to Cakes Cove for allowing me to eviscerate their Resistance droid.

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