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This Light-Up ‘Star Wars’ Cake Is Not Messing Around


Birthday cakes are getting cooler and cooler, and there’s only one way to up the ante – direct current. Yes, those are actual light-up Lightsabers on that birthday cake, which was made by Flickr’r’r’r Lorenzo Wood for someone’s birthday. We’re not sure who’s birthday it was. If only we had some leads.

Speaking of leads, there are actual wires in this cake connecting the two Neopixels LED strips to the power source. They are, of course, entirely inedible, meaning that biting into the wrong bit of cake could be an, ahem, shocking experience.

Or, y’know, you can just eat around the wires and lights.

Either way, this cake is amazing, and we are richer for having it in our lives. You won’t have to Force me to eat this one! (Never, ever do this again. – Ed.)

More photos of the cake below.





(via Geekologie)


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