Lord Of The Rings Cake Combines Bag End And Barad-dûr


How would you like to bite into Mordor and the Shire at the same time? This cool cake by Black Cherry Cake Company has set up Middle-earth to make that possible. The dessert features the wicked Eye of Sauron atop Barad-dûr as well as the cozy round green door of Bag End. Frodo and Gollum sit on either side of the cake.

The details on this Lord of the Rings cake make it extra awesome, from the flowers on the hobbit hole to the shading on the Eye. I’d say it’s worth going on an epic quest just to take a bite.

See the cake from more angles after the break.




Thanks for the tip, Tracey! Send pics of your nerdy food creations to tips@thatsnerdalicious.com.


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