The TARDIS Control Panel Makes a Fine Glow-In-The-Dark Cake

tardis interior cake 1

TARDIS cakes are cool, TARDIS cakes that light up are cooler. Cake Central user lovemyhusband made this cake for her daughter’s birthday. It’s neat that she featured the interior of the TARDIS rather than the familiar blue box. She sculpted the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler from modeling chocolate and the base of the control panel is Rice Krispie Treats. Genius.

She even made the screensaver on the panel part of the cake by printing it on edible paper. In fact, the only part of the cake you can’t eat is the plastic tubing in the middle. It holds glow sticks so that the dessert lights up in the dark.

See some close-ups shots, including the part where it lights up, after the break.

tardis interior cake 2

tardis interior cake 3

tardis interior cake 4

tardis interior cake 5

(Cake Central via BTPB)


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