This Six Foot Tall Cake Is Full Of Superheroes

superhero cake 1

There are superhero cakes, and then there’s this magnificent creation by Delaney’s Cakes. This tiered dessert is a whopping six feet tall and is heavy enough that it required two men to carry it to the venue.

The cake features Wonder Woman, Superman, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Hulk, Batman, and Captain America. Paul Delaney said the secret of keeping it all together is a threaded rod that goes all the way through the cake and is anchored on the base. I’m still impressed it didn’t fall apart.

Check out more pics of this massive cake after the break.

superhero cake 2

superhero cake 3

superhero cake 4

superhero cake 5

(via BTPB, photos via Cakes Decor)


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