You Can Now Get Cupcakes 24-Hours A Day At The NYC Sprinkles Cupcake ATM [Video]


Sprinkles was one of the first cupcake shops in the nation and the chain is finally expanding into the Northeast with the opening of their 780 Lexington Avenue location in New York City. Unlike other cupcake shops, this one never really closes thanks to its 24-Hour cupcake ATM. The first Sprinkles cupcake ATM opened in Beverly Hills and it went over well enough to expand it to new locations.

The cupcake ATM will deliver a selection of cupcakes all day, every day, even when the store is open. The cupcakes will never be more than a few hours old so it’s pretty much exactly what you’ll get inside the shop, except delivered by a little pink ATM machine which makes them, technically, much tastier.

See video of the cupcake ATM in action after the break…

(via Jezebel)


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