A Gallery of NASA Space Food, Then and Now

NASA Space Food

It’s tough to be an astronaut. Aside from having to put in hundreds of hours of training, you’ll also be away millions of miles away from the rest of civilization while you’re out doing your job. You’ll also have to say goodbye to your favorite foods for the moment, because there’s no way you can have steak in outer space.

Of course, NASA doesn’t let their astronauts go hungry. Instead, they’ll get a box full of freeze-dried goodies and tubes of nutritionally balanced food goop that they can chew on while they’re in space. Here’s a visual history of NASA’s space food, starting with the Mercury and Gemini food from 1961 that you can see above.

The gallery continues, after the break.

NASA Space Food1

NASA Space Food2

NASA Space Food3

NASA Space Food4

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