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AMC Theaters To Offer Healthier Snack Options With Their Smart MovieSnacks Pack

Even though movie theaters have gotten their wish and won’t have to label their concessions with nutritional information, AMC Theaters have decided to offer their customers a healthier choice in snacks than popcorn which packs nearly as many calories as three Big Macs.

The new “Smart MovieSnacks” pack was a collaborative effort between AMC and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. For $7 customers will get a bag with Chiquita Fruit Chips, Popcorners natural air-popped chips, a bottle of Dasani water and an Odwalla Chocolate Chip Trail Mix Bar.

Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton brought up this topic last year at ShoWest, saying: “Taking this step is also great for audiences and for your business, because people want to see healthier foods in theaters, and when they do, they’ll buy them.”

Kudos to AMC for taking the first step to offer moviegoers a healthier option. Hopefully they will sell well and result in more theater chains following suit.

(AVClub via The Consumerist)


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