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Biophysicist Finally Puts A Stop To Dripping Wine Bottles

Brandeis University biophysicist Daniel Perlman has channeled his knowledge into tackling one of the biggest problems in human history: the dripping wine bottle.

As a wine aficionado, Perlman was tired of the mess resulting from drops of wine sliding down the bottle neck after pouring, and spent three years studying the flow of liquid to determine how to stop it at the bottle stage.

Eventually the effort paid off. Using a diamond cutting tool, he carved a two-millimeter-wide, one-millimeter deep groove just below the lip of a wine bottle, forcing the wayward wine drops to flow against the force of gravity in order to get away. Instead, they simply return to the rest of the flow.

The solution will require modifications to glass molds and there’s no word on when or if this will eventually be adopted by manufacturers, but there’s no doubt that such a feature would be applauded. After all, it makes more sense to modify the bottle as opposed to buying wine pourers.

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