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Charlatans Lead Singer Gets His Own Amazeballs Cereal After Twitter Joke

It’s a safe bet that if any of us common folk submitted a brilliant idea for a cereal, we would be met by a form letter that basically says “F off, but keep buying our products”. However, since Tim Burgess is the lead singer of the Charlatans, and therefore famous, he needed only to make a joke on Twitter to have cereal giant Kellogg’s respond with a submissive “Yes, master”.

The story begins when Burgess made a joke on Twitter about how  he had invented a new cereal called “Totes Amazeballs” that was being considered for production by Kellogg’s. When the company saw the missive, they immediately set to work creating a special, one-of-a-kind, Rocky-Road-flavored cereal just for Tim Burgess:

“We really try to make the most of Twitter here at Kellogg’s, and when we saw the tweet, we knew we had to make something special for him.”

The only question now is whether Kellogg’s will mass produce the cereal after the flood of requests that are sure to come their way.

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