Cheetos Bags Are Better Than Lotto Tickets Right Now

Step aside scratch-off lottery tickets. A bag of Cheetos might be a better bet for some quick cash. For one thing, there are plenty of wealthy idiots out there that are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on Cheetos that are shaped like things. Now, The Cheetos Museum is doling out thousands of dollars for the interesting shapes you find in bags of Flamin’ Hot or Cheesy Cheetos.

Such a lovely find, John. Here’s $5K soaring through the skies, and right into your pocket. #CheetosMuseum

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Seriously, The Cheetos Museum is offering $5,000 for the best weekly submissions and $50,000 for the top winners from each Flamin’ Hot and Cheesy galleries until August 06 2017. The images above represent recent winners—the bar is low my friends.

(via Mashable)


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