Complete Jerk Throws Firecrackers Into A Starbucks [Video]

starbucks firecracker

You know what’s not cool? Throwing a bunch of firecrackers into a Starbucks and scaring the ever living crap out of the poor people sitting inside the shop. That didn’t stop a Japanese guy named Nobu from doing exactly that and then streaming the whole thing online. He even had a friend with him, screaming through a bullhorn to compound the idiocy of it all.

And because committing a crime and streaming it online, with your faces clearly visible, is an act of brilliance, Tantei File is reporting that Nobu decided to turn himself in and his laptop has been confiscated by the police. This idiot also threw firecrackers into a train station and streamed that video, too.

Let’s hope the police stop this guy before someone gets hurt.

See the video after the break…

(via Kotaku)


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