Record Setting Pepper Is Hot Enough To Kill

In pursuit of a Guinness World Record, Welsh horticulturist Mike Smith and Nottingham Trent University teamed up and bred a pepper that is so hot that it could actually cause a person insane enough to consume it to go into life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

Known as the “Dragon Breath Chilli”, the pepper is said to measure 2.48m on the Scoville scale, beating a record of nearly 2.2m held by the Carolina Reaper and utterly destroying the 2,500-10,000 of typical jalapeño peppers.

Smith told the Daily Post that he tried it on the tip of his tongue and “it just burned and burned” and that he “spat it out in about 10 seconds”. He has since sent the related details to Guinness World Records, but has not yet received confirmation on the record.

In contrast to all of this murder pepper talk, the Dragon Breath Chilli may actually benefit the medical community because it can be used to numb the skin of those allergic to conventional anaesthetic.

The Dragon’s Breath Chilli will be on display at the Chelsea Flower Show in London next week. Don’t try to eat it.

(via Eater)


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