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Family Forced To Leave Home After Deadly Spiders Burst From Bananas

spider bananas

Imagine you’re eating a banana and suddenly notice spots on its skin. That’s not out of the ordinary. Once the peel starts to change colors, there are all kinds of spots. However, what if they moved? Consi Taylor had to live through that horror recently when a bunch of bananas she purchased Sainsbury’s (a U.K. store) had a hidden nest of spiders. The “spots” she saw dropped off the fruit and scattered. Then she noticed a nest of them.

She thought that was the end of it but after sending a photo of the insects to pest control experts, it got worse. They told Taylor the bugs were probably Brazilian wandering spiders, which are poisonous and deadly. Fantastic.

Needless to say the family evacuated the house so it could be fumigated. The grocery store covered the costs of the hotel, the pest control bill, and a small fee for the inconvenience. As they should.

I’ll be right back; I’m going to check the bananas I bought today – just to be on the safe side.

(The Daily Mail via Consumerist)


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