‘Batman V Superman’ Comics Are Coming To A Cereal Box Near You [Video]


As part of a fun promotion for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, select General Mills cereals will feature cool DC Comics comic books stashed inside.

Specially marked boxes of Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, Trix and Honey Nut Cheerios will feature one of four comic books that tie into the movie.

“All the comics that we’ve done to support Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were directly inspired by the film,” says Alex Antone, editor at DC Comics. “Even though plot details of the film are top secret, we worked closely with filmmakers to make sure our stories were consistent. While all major reveals are saved for the film, eagle-eyed readers may discover a few clues in the comics about what’s to come.”


The comics include:

Issue 1: “Playground Heroes” written by Jeff Parker

Issue 2: “Field Trip” written by Christos Gage

Issue 3: “Picture Proof” written by Marguerite Bennett

Issue 4: “Lights Out” written by Joshua Williamson

Veteran artists Gary Frank and Rod Reiss drew the comic book covers. While Marcus To, Federico Dallocchio, Eduardo Pansica, RB Silva, Art Thibert, José Marzan Jr., Irma Kniivila, Jim Charalampidis, Jeromy Cox and Andrew Dalhouse illustrated the inside panels that were lettered by Deron Bennett.

Also, those specially marked boxes will come with a Blippar-activated augmented reality game (which you can find on the back of the box). In the game, you can help Superman or Batman save the day.

The comic book cereal promotion will run through April 2016 while supplies last.


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