Hateful Note Left For Gay Waitress Appears To Be A Fake [Video]


News that gay waitress Dayna Morales got a hateful message about her lifestyle instead of a tip spread across the internet like wildfire last week. Unfortunately, it may also turn out to be a lie. The family that supposedly did the deed has come forward with their copy of the receipt which shows they not only tipped, but tipped well.

It’s really a case of he said, she said, but it does look pretty damning for Morales. The whole thing is even worse for the fact that the internet used its powers for good and sent Morales money to make up for the incident. The former Marine had said she was donating a portion of that money to the Wounded Warrior Project, but you’ve got to wonder what she’ll do with the money now.

As discouraging as things like this can be to those of us who feel compelled to reach out and show our support only to find out that we may have been duped, remember there’s a lot more good out there than bad. Don’t let this incident make you think twice about helping people, because they may really, honestly need the help. One word: Batkid.

See the video after the break…

(via Happy Place)


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