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How Loud Are Sun Chips Compostable Bags?

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Try 95 decibels loud. That’s loud enough to cause hearing loss.

I buy Sun Chips all the time actually, but every time I reach for the bag I’m making a conscious and annoying effort to try and keep it as quiet as possible. I’m all for being green, but I don’t want to tell my grandkids that I went deaf because I liked to snack—you know?

If you were wondering why the bags are so loud, the WSJ explains the science:

The new polymers have a higher “glass transition temperature,” which is when a polymer goes from a harder, glasslike state to a rubber state. Because the transition to rubberiness happens a bit above room temperature, the bag is “kind of crispy and crunchy,” says [Brad Rodgers, Frito-Lay’s North American manager of sustainable packaging.]

(WSJ via GreenBiz via Gizmodo)


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