General Mills Cereal Mascots Are Joining The Justice League

DC Entertainment and General Mills have partnered for a Justice League-themed promotion that will give several cereal mascots a heroic makeover. The back of the boxes can be joined to form a mural, and each box contains one of four original comics by DC’s Custom Creative Studio.

From CBR:

Each original comic is 24 pages long. “Superman: Power Play” is written by Tony Bedard and penciled by Jerry Ordway; “Batman: Dark Reflections” is written by Fabian Nicieza and penciled by Rick Leonardi; “Wonder Woman: Truth Hurts” is written by Ivan Cohen and penciled by June Brigman; and is “Aquaman: Alien Justice” written by Tony Bedard and penciled by Tom Grummett.

So the question becomes: Justice League cereal or waffles for breakfast? Syrup or comics? Decisions!


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