Marriott Remembers The Lost Of 9/11 With 30 Minutes Of Free Mini Muffins


Redditor Nathan_Flomm snapped this picture at a Marriott on September 11th. It seems they wanted to do a little something nice.

Yeah. Complimentary coffee and mini muffins for 30 minutes.

Reddit, obviously, had a field day and I can’t say I blame them.

Have a muffin. It’s what they would have wanted..


At 9:15, mini muffins will return to their normal price, $4.00. Sorry if you didn’t make it down to the lobby in time.


Heck, give um credit, they went for a full 30 minutes. I bet the original proposal was for it to start at 9:11.


Sometimes, words fail. Just like this Marriott.


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