Save 16% On The Mini Flip Cup Set [Deals]


For a limited time you can get the Mini Flip Cup Set in our Nerd Approved Deals Store for $49.99 (16% off) with free shipping!

You’re at a party and the only suitable game table is covered in “chips” and “cheese and crackers” and not piles and piles of red cups and Natty Ice like you had hoped it would be. What to do? You bring your Mini Flip Cup board along. This marvel of drunken American ingenuity and engineering miniaturizes flip cup so you can drink, flip, and scream at your opponents on the coffee table, on the floor, or in the host’s bed. And that’s just one scenario!

  • Line cups up for a 4 vs. 4 game
  • Minimize the mess w/ small, reusable cups & controlled flippers
  • Pack the board up & take it w/ you anywhere – it’s lightweight & easy to carry

Mini Flip Cup Set ($49.99)


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