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Movie Theaters Don’t Want You To Know How Unhealthy Their Popcorn Is

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It’s probably a good bet that theater owners couldn’t care less about you, and only view you as a barrier between them and your money. To reinforce this theory, the National Association of Theatre Owners have been lobbying the FDA and congressional staff members to exempt movie theaters from a nutritional labeling requirement, which means that the vast majority of moviegoers would remain blissfully unaware that a large serving of popcorn contains upwards of 1,460 calories, almost as much as three Big Macs (approx. 1,600 calories). Their defense?

“We’re not restaurants where people go to eat and satisfy themselves. It’s dinner and a movie, not dinner at a movie.”

The truth is simple economics. Theater owners reportedly earn one-third of their revenue from selling snacks like popcorn, which has also had its price marked up a whopping 900%. Another question to consider is if they did offer healthier foods, how many visitors would actually buy them?… Exactly.

(LA Times via The Consumerist)


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