NYC Starbucks Calls The Cops To Remove Laptop Hobo

Starbucks didn’t install Wi-Fi simply for your convenience – they did it so you would be tempted to visit one of their locations to browse the web while sucking down a steady stream of their overpriced coffee. Apparently, one Manhattan Starbucks is taking it’s war with laptop hobos to the next level. A patron reports:

Well-dressed guy, sitting by the window at a clean table. Two police came in. According to an observer, the conversation went something like this:

Guy: “They told me to buy a cup of coffee or leave. That’s pressure. I’m in Starbucks all the time. This isn’t a Mom & Pop store.”
Police: “It’s a business and you have to buy something.”
Guy: “Is this any way to run a business? I’m leaving, but I want your badge numbers.”

He also said he’d get it publicized—I doubt he will— but since I was sitting so close, I thought I’d add it to the Starbucks crackdown list.

The tipster also noted that a homeless woman was “barking at the napkin dispensers” while all this was going on. Clearly it was an unusual scene.

At any rate, Starbucks had the right to kick this guy out for taking advantage of their service without buying anything, but they also did a fantastic job of pissing a lot of people off. Was it really worth it?

(Gawker/Image via Daniel Lobo)


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