There’s A Pizza Camp for Adults, And It Looks Awesome


Pizza and the great outdoors have been combined into the ultimate summer camp hosted by the Minneapolis Pizza Club and Grown-Up Club.

The adult camp is for those who not only love pizza, but want to immerse themselves in the pizza lifestyle and hang out with like-minded individuals. Besides actually creating and eating pizza, campers were entertained with pizza-inspired arts, crafts and performances and also received Pizza Camp gift bags containing pizza-themed apparel and enamel camp pins (for traditionalists, there were also more familiar activities such as archery and canoeing).

The most recent installment of the overnight event went down last weekend, with participants shelling out $125 per person for programming, lodging and food. However, plans are apparently already in the works for next year’s retreat. Check out more pics and videos below.

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Shooting bullseyes at #pizzacamp2016 #mplspizzaclub #mplspizzacamp

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Postcards from Pizza Camp! #pizzacamp2016 #icouldonlymakethreeitwashardwork #mpls #grownupclub

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This pizza lover loved our limited #mplspizzaclub pin! #mplspizzaweek

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