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Pizza Delivery Driver Saves Life Of Regular Customer [Video]

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For one elderly woman, buying a pizza every day actually helped save her life. The woman had ordered the same pizza from a Memphis Domino’s every day for three years, but when she suddenly stopped calling, one caring delivery driver took it upon herself to check in on the woman to make sure everything was ok. When she arrived at the woman’s home and received no response after beating on the door and windows, she called 911.

Police broke down the woman’s door and found her on the floor. She had fallen a few days earlier and was unable to make it to her telephone. She was taken to a local hospital in non-critical condition.

“She treats us really well,” said the driver. “She appreciates us, and that’s something we don’t get in customers a lot.”

Just one more reason to be nice to people. Check out the video after the break.

(WMCTV via The Consumerist)


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