Save 14% On The Range Smart Thermometer [Deals]

range smart thermometer

Cook your food perfectly every time with this digital sous chef. The Range Smart Thermometer is on sale for $59.95 (14% off with free shipping) for a limited time in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

The Range Smart Thermometer sports a 3″ sharp tip and is made of durable silicone and steel, making it the perfect tool for your culinary endeavors. Record precise food temperatures, receive notifications on your smartphone when your food is done, or defer to preset temperature settings programmed for specific types of food. Designed for cooking meat every which way, the Range offers a spectrum of endless possibilities for your next adventure in the kitchen!

-Made of food-safe silicone & stainless steel
-Perfect for use while grilling, roasting, baking, broiling, & smoking meat
-Easily connects to your device via its silicone cable
-Prevents you from eating undercooked meat
-Clips onto pots to enable hands-free, no-fuss cooking
-Offers calibrated temperature readings in both Fahrenheit & Celsius
-Comes w/ USDA- & gourmet-recommended presets for meat & candy
-Delivers push notifications to your devices when your food is ready
-Comes w/ graphing mode to map out the data points of your food experiments

Also available with a 6″ tip—perfect for brewing beer, making candy, and cooking extra large pieces of meat!

Range Smart Thermometer ($70 $59.95)


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