Spicy Skittles And Starburst Are Bringing That Sweet Heat

Spicy Skittles and Starburst cometh. I’m sure you have a snap judgement about the idea of mixing fruity and spicy flavors, but you’ll have to wait until December 2017 for confirmation. Actually, the Sweet Heat packs aren’t the only new Skittles innovation on deck for the latter half of 2017. Mars and Wrigley recently announced over 30 “new product innovations” at the National Confectioners Association’s Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, and the upcoming Skittles flavors were definitely the most interesting. Check out two more upcoming limited edition product releases below.

Skittles® Trick Plays. Skittles is adding a fun twist on the popular football strategy with Skittles Trick Plays. NFL fans will be kept guessing when the colors on the outside of the candies don’t necessarily match the flavors on the inside. Available for a limited time only, Trick Plays will be in stores just in time for the 2017 NFL season (MSRP $0.99).

Skittles® Ugly Sweater Edition Original & Sour. Skittles is taking the ugly sweater tradition to a whole new level with Skittles Ugly Sweater Edition. Available in Original and Sour flavors, this is a fun play on the holiday trend and is the perfect addition to any festive celebration this year. Available nationwide this holiday season in 7.2 oz. Stand-Up Pouches (MSRP $2.59).

Skittles® and Starburst® Sweet Heat. This December, Skittles and Starburst are spicing things up with Sweet Heat, where each pack features fruity flavors with a spicy kick. Skittles: $0.99 for a Single Pack, $1.79 for a Share Size Pack, $3.19 for a Laydown Bag and $2.59 for a Medium Stand Up Pouch. Starburst: $0.99 for a Single Pack and $3.19 for a Laydown Bag.

Check out the press release for the complete list of upcoming Mars Chocolate and Wrigley products.

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