New ‘Star Wars’ Ice Cream Comes In Dark Side And Light Side Flavors


Yesterday, the Dark Side was tempting me with cookies. Today, they’re recruiting with an ultra-dark chocolate ice cream with “espresso fudge brownies, cocoa crispies, and white chocolate pearls (to represent the light still hiding in the dark, waiting to burst through)”.

Well, it’s actually sci-fi writer Brian Smith and his wife Jackie of Ample Hills Creamery who are doing the tempting.

They also have The Light Side which is described as “a bright marshmallow ice cream with homemade crispie clusters, as well as a smattering of handmade cocoa crispies (to represent the dark side still lurking within the light)”.

Personally, I’m thinking I might order some of both, so I can get a taste of the Dark or Light Side on a whim. I’m not great with picking sides.

4-packs are available now for $36.

(via Entertainment Weekly)


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