New York Pizzeria Offers Free Pizza To ‘Star Wars’ Cosplayers

Hakki Akdeniz, owner of Champion Pizza in New York City told ABC News that watching Star Wars helped him learn English. So, when he heard of Carrie Fisher’s passing, he felt compelled to hold a event in her honor. His idea was to offer a free slice to anyone who came into the restaurant wearing a Star Wars costume and a free pie to anyone wearing a Princess Leia costume.

Akdeniz also said he met Fisher by chance at a pizzeria where he was working back in 2005. “I told the waitress ‘Would you please say hello to her?'” he said, adding that the waitress pointed at him to let her know he was a fan. He said she waved back.

“When she left, she dropped $100 tip for the waitress,” he added.

The promotion began on Wednesday and runs through today, December 30th.

Top Image: ergulentoprak


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