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Tacocopter Wants To Use Unmanned Drones To Deliver Tacos To You Via Smartphone

It looks like the next big step in food service is having your edibles delivered by extremely bizarre, yet convenient methods. The latest is the aptly named “Tacocopter”, which will allow customers to order tacos using their smartphone and GPS location information. The details are transmitted to an unmanned drone helicopter which is loaded with your order and sent off to find you.

As brilliant as this concept sounds, the company has been unable to launch due to restrictions imposed by the government, who does not currently allow UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to be used for commercial purposes. In addition, there would be a number of logistical hurdles, including avoiding birds, balconies and telephone wires, delivering food to people indoors, delivering food to the right person, and protecting the Tacocopters from being stolen by animals and douchebags.

Whatever the case, the company’s three founders are keeping the idea on the table and urge the curious to sign up for their mailing list, whcih can be found on the Tacocopter website.

(via HuffPo)


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