The Hostess Ice Cream Lineup Is Even Better Than We Thought

Last month we learned that Hostess Twinkies, Sno Balls and Cupcake-flavored ice cream were hitting store shelves. But it’s better than that. You can add Sno Balls Bars, the Ding Dong Sandwich and the Twinkie Cone to that list.

From the press release:


TWINKIE CONE: This is a scrumptious cone with creamy Twinkie-flavored frozen dairy deliciousness, topped with golden sponge cake crumbles that will excite any lover of America’s favorite crème-filled snack cake. The Twinkie cones come four to a box and are $4.49 SRP.

DING DONG SANDWICH: A fun twist on the classic ice cream sandwich, this chocolatey frozen dessert sandwich is a nod to the king of cakes. Smooth chocolate on the outside, creamy vanilla on the inside – the way you remember it, only cooler. The dessert sandwiches will be sold in boxes of five in grocery stores for $4.49 SRP and sold individually at convenience stores for $1.99 SRP.

SNO BALLS BAR: Inspired by that iconic pink, coconut-dusted ball of marshmallowy goodness, this new novelty features the best of the Sno Ball: a delectable vanilla and chocolate center wrapped in delicate flakes of coconut. The dessert bars come five to a box and are $4.49 SRP.


TWINKIES: Just when you thought the mighty Twinkie couldn’t get any better, we have come up with a scoopable ode to America’s favorite golden snack cake. Bite-sized sponge cake pieces and sweet frosting are swirled together in rich, creamy butter cream ice cream.
CUPCAKES: Enjoy this delightfully sweet and refreshing take on the classic Hostess treat. This decadent chocolate ice cream is studded with bite-sized cupcake pieces and swirled with creamy frosting.

SNO BALLS: We have put the chill in one of America’s best-loved snack cakes. Sno Balls ice cream is a perfect marriage of bite-sized chocolate cake pieces and whipped pink coconut swirl in a silky marshmallow ice cream.

The ice cream is available in pints for $2.99 SRP and 48 ounce cartons for $5.99 SRP. All of these items should be available in grocery and convenience stores now.

(via Incredible Things)

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