The Nerdache Box Is A Monthly Geeky Edible Treat Subscription Of Noms

nerdache box

We’re huge fans of Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes, so I’ll admit to literally flailing when I saw that she’s gone and created a Nerdache Box. What’s a Nerdache Box? Think Loot Crate but with noms.

This endeavor is still in its early stages and she’s offering a very limited amount of boxes currently, but the idea that you can have edible geek treats sent directly to your home monthly may be my idea of heaven.

The other neat thing here is that you get to see what’s in the box before you order. Ant will be posting her next Nerdache Box soon for voting and pre-order.

Head after the break to see more pictures of the deliciousity.

nerdache box 4

nerdache box 3

nerdache box 2


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