Win Mother’s Day With A Donut Hole Bouquet From Tim Hortons

Pay attention, because I’m about to solve Mother’s Day for you. First, download a free copy of KFC’s Tender Wings of Desire. Second, order a Timbits Donut Bouquet from Tim Horton’s for $7.99. It includes 24 Timbit donut holes on stem-like skewers wrapped up with fancy tissue paper and a ribbon inside a Mother’s Day-themed gift box.

Apparently, the vases will only be available for sale at participating Tim Hortons locations on Mother’s Day (May 14th), so you might want to call ahead. Also, you might want to throw some jewelry into the mix just in case donut holes and steamy novels about Colonel Sanders aren’t the kind of gifts your mom had in mind.

(via Thrillist)


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