The Many Benefits Of A Transparent Kitchen [Video]


In preparation for a satellite event for the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, Dutch studio MVRDV has created a transparent kitchen.

The all-glass design is intended to explore the future of the domestic environment and lead to awareness of food storage, waste, and cleanliness, as well as better eating habits by making the food prep process transparent.

“If we imagine everything is transparent clear and clean, doesn’t it mean that the only thing that is colorful and visible is our food,” says MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas. “Doesn’t it then imply that we are encouraged to love the food, in that way, and that maybe it even becomes more healthy, if not sexy?”

Mmmm. Sexy naked food. But that’s when the concept really goes off the rails…

“I see this as part of a wider dream, this kitchen. it is part of an environment, if not a city, that is transparent and therefore accessible”, continues Maas, “Imagine if not only our kitchens were transparent, but the walls through to the neighbor and the next neighbor even. this would create infinite perspectives in our cities. it would make within our claustrophobic environments possibly a view, into the direction of the mountains or the sea.”

Yes, imagine that.

(via Designboom)


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