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TruMoo Milk Blends Chocolate With Marshmallows


Hot chocolate is one of the best things that currently exists on this planet. If you challenge me on that, then I will assume you’re an acid-dripping demon from another dimension that feasts upon people’s happiness.

With that said, there are ways to improve upon the greatness that is hot chocolate, and that’s by adding marshmallows. But who has the time to do that nowadays? I sure don’t. I have happiness-hungry demons to fight all day. But TruMoo’s making my life super easy. Their Chocolate Marshmallow milk supposedly blends the two flavors perfectly, and the company claims that their product features all of the nutritional benefits of regular milk without any of the nasty additives (i.e. high fructose corn syrup or artificial hormones).

The milk will be available through the end of February at most major grocery stories throughout the U.S.

(Brand Eating via FoodBeast)


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